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Ed Breitkreutz

Band Leader, Accordion, Organ, Vocals, Composer, & Arranger


Lydia Breitkreutz



Lionel Stepp

Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

Ed is the Leader of the Softones. He never took any formal musical training, learning to play the Accordion by ear at a young age. While music was always a part of his life, he got into full swing when "The Softones" originally began in 1964 - also performed with a local gospel group called "The Four Left Pockets". Ed is a prolific composer. He is responsible for all compositions and arrangements on their Gold Award Album "Melodies From the Heart" as well as the album "My Love For You" and their theme song "Dreams Come True" which is being played in 52 countries around the world.

Lydia, being Ed's wife has been busy with "The Softones" from the very beginning. A supporter-helper-bookkeeper-works with the Sound System and doing a lot of "behind-the-scenes" stuff that needs to be done. Now she is using her singing - and entertaining - abilities in their Secular as well as their Gospel Singers performances.

Lionel hails from Torquay, Saskatchewan. He started playing guitar, banjo, and vocals with the family band called, "The Ray Stepp Trio" consisting of Lionel, his dad, and his brother. Later, more members were added and the name of the band changed to "The Melody Kings."

Lionel has five recordings under his belt. He's travelled throughout Saskatchewan, Medicine Hat, Las Vegas, and North Dakota. Lionel joined The Softones in the Fall of 2014.

Lionel spends his summers farming and plays music in the Arizona winters.

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