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About Us &

The Softones can claim the joy of growing up in households where music was an integral part of the family culture. In all cases, their initial music training came from a family member and each of their steps into the art of music performance was supported and actively encouraged, initially by their parents and later by their spouses and children.
Who We Are:
A Show and Dance Band
International Recording Artists
Acclaimed Gold Recipients
Inspiring Gospel Concert Performers
What We Have Done and Achieved:
  • Produced a 90-minute video called The Softones Gold Album Celebration - The Concert and Presentations
  • A Certified Gold Album (1997)
  • A Golden Reel Award from Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, California
  • Appeared on Numerous Radio and Television Programs in Both Canada and the United States
  • Summer Tours in Alberta and Saskatchewan and British Columbia
  • Winter Tours in Arizona, California and Texas
  • Cruise with our Fans in The Caribbean and Along the Mexican Riviera Performing While on the Cruise Ship
  • Texas Bus Tour
  • 33 Day Bus Tour Across Canada to the Maritimes and Eastern United States
  • Bus Tour to Billings Montana PolkaFest
  • Gospel Concerts though Canada and the United States
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